Cristina Junquero is a Jeweller from Andalucia based in Barcelona.
With irony, she manages to reinterpret the Andalusian religious
imaginery and simbolist pieces to create jewels that function as mere
ornament, breaking with the spiritual meaning of the traditional jewellery
of her native land. She caricatures the religious stereotypes of amulets
and medals, reinterpreting their forms, icons and details. The result is
an intimate collection of jewelry that plays with tradition and modernity.
All her pieces are handmade at her workshop from Barcelona. By working
under local production, she personally controls each and every one of
the phases of the process.

Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine is the go-to brand for fun statement jewellery. Born in 1999 in the heart of East London, All Tatty Devine jewellery is designed and handmade in house by a small, skilled team of makers with a passion for art jewellery.

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