Her Wardrobe

Her Wardrobe is a a designer dress rental business that allows you to wear your dream outfit for a fraction of the price!
With almost every major event having been cancelled overnight we are facing the serious chance of closure.

Victory Chimp

Victory Chimp creates cycling art, apparel and accessories to make you smile. Based at the foot of the Sperrin Mountains, Northern Ireland, our designs are dreamed up on these wild and beautiful roads and worked out back in the studio.


We are a privately owned, independent family of stores specialising in menswear, womenswear, sportswear and school uniforms, making us the destination of choice for anyone who loves fashion.

Since 1928, we have been focused on giving our customers the best possible shopping experience with our truly personal approach to service.

We are proud to be East Anglia’s leading independent clothing shop.

CARTOCON Clothing Store, Dundee

We are a totally independent mens multi brand clothing shop. We are three friend who started making and selling good stuff from our homes 8 years ago and our shop had now been open for 4 years. We love to bring other young brands and designers into our city! Stay independent!